My Branding Story

When starting my own company there was alot to think about with regards to name, logo, colour, font and general style. I had a blank canvas but knew I wanted to ensure what ever I picked would last for years to come with only small tweaks.

I have a background in print and a father in the industry, so over the years Ive developed a deeper appreciation for traditional press printing and a love for ‘design you can feel, as well as picking up a slightly weird addiction of the smell of freshly printed ink. Ive always been keen on utilising my passion for print within my own designs, so branding my company was this perfect start point.

The Colour

pantone colour 2012

My company was founded in 2012, and the print industry standard Pantone’s colour for that year was ‘Tangerine Tango’. Although Tangerine Tango is a shade to bright for my taste I used it as a palette shade from which my ‘fusion coral’ corporate colour was born. Tangerine Tango was described as a provocative attention-getter, a fun, lively take on a traditional autumnal hue, a bit exotic but in a very friendly non-threatening way like a red hue might be. My ‘fusion coral’  is a complementary opposite that flatters blues or greens and is a high-impact hue, a pop of colour to draw you eye to focus details, so it was perfect as the focus colour of my brand.

“Good design is in all the things you notice. Great design is in all the things you don’t.”– Wim Hovens

coral fusion

I think this colour selection helps remind me of the begins of my business and how colour and design are intertwined. Although I have made subtle styling and font changes over the years the colour has remained and complimentary shades have been added to my corporate colour palette to strengthen my brand styling, like the inclusion of a darker coral colour and a cool grey to enable me to have flexibility within my branding but staying true to the original start point.

You’ll often see this colour featured in my stationery items from scissors to file folders or mixing bowls, Ive become a little bit of a magpie for the colour and cannot help but purchase things in that colour, purely because of the colour.

coral header.jpg

My Company Name

Every good brand has to start somewhere, so the beginning is always a good place to start and this is how ‘dippy’ became my brand name.

Back in 2001 a new chapter of my life was beginning, I was a teenager keen to gain my independence and finally be able to learn to drive. I now had to embark on the valuable lessons of car maintenance. Being the eldest of five I had to set the example, even if I thought I’d not be strong enough to undo the nuts on my car wheels to replace a punctured tyre, I was going to learn just in case the power of Weetabix for breakfast enabled me to do so. Being the kind of girl who was willing to try before asking for help, the lesson I was about to learn from my very knowledgeable father would prove memorable to say the least.

I had learnt many tips and the do’s and don’t of owning a car, and with just the final job to do – the oil top up – I was feeling brave and uttered the words ” It’s ok I can do this part, no problems”, and so I was left alone to top up the oil and completed my lesson in good car care. Returning indoors some 45minutes later (this time scale has never been fully agreed) with a big smile from a good job done, I was posed with the question “Everything ok?” and the inquisitive statement “You’ve been a while.” My response was “Yes, of course – the bottle just took a while to drain!” “Took along time to drain?!?!” replied my father. “Yes….”

Silence filled the room as I was asked to accompany him outside and to show where I had actually poured the oil. By now, I’m sure your all thinking I’d had a blonde moment and in the excitement of having a new car I’d put the oil in the wrong hole. Well you’d be mistaken as I had in fact looked for, and found the oil can symbol. However, this symbol appeared in two places, one was on the normal cap but the one I was showing my Father was on the dipstick and after it was realised that I had persisted with filling the oil up via the dip stick hole, he could not resist giving me the nickname “dippy” and this has stuck with me ever since.

The moral of this story is that I tried my best and succeeded, despite it being the harder way to achieve the same goal, I stuck at it and got the job done. Now a few years down the line, having worked as an in-house designer for an automotive company I now have a wealth of car parts knowledge the lesson I learnt all those years ago still remain with me in my company naming.

Although the name dippyDesign.Ltd was first established whilst I was studying my graphic design degree, to allow me to build my portfolio for prospective work, I have since used it as the foundations to developed it into my business dippyDesignMakeBake, a three part business run by me Helen Gray Baker, a graphic Designer with not only the passion for design but also a love for making and baking and this name reflects the fusion of all things creative that I design, make and bake. I set my company dippydesignmakebake up with the vision of working for myself when I started a family,
and it has allowed me to grow and develop what my brand is and the influences which effect what i design and create. I share my passion for creating with my young daughter who if often found beside me in the studio bakery (read my post on my workspace) and features frequently in my blog posts.

As a result it means I have a unique name with little usage online, so for my website and brand recognition theres little confusion with other companies and hopefully its a bit more memorable as well as having a story which only i can tell.


Recent Work

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If you have a project or idea that you think i might be able to help with please drop me a message and i can get in touch

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