New Venture for 2018

This year saw the opening of a little pop up shop in Staplehurst which has been a much spoken about wish by all the crafters living in the village and this February saw Katie from the Village take a huge leap and open “Made by Kent”, a wonderful and ever growing collection of crafters and makers from Kent.

Its right on the high street and offers a massive array of handmade makes, its a true reflection of the talent right on our door steps. I was lucky enough to be included in this great venture and look forward to the exciting year ahead.

For my business platform most of my makes and bakes are made to order and are bespoke, which i love and means the creativity is endless, but for this shop platform i needed to create a new range of items which firstly have a longer shelf life but also are more easily stocked. I had a few things which i sold on my etsy shop but time was always my excuse for not having grown this collection more, but now i needed to find the time and focus on a small range of new things.

I have a Norwegian roots which i am very proud of and is a massive influence on a lot of what i do both within my home but also in my baking. So i wanted to use this as my niche and my prime theme for the items id feature in the shop, having something im passionate about means that the creative process has direction and a driving focuses as i tend to want to make everything in my ‘to do list’ but with me tapping into my Norwegian-ness i was able to structure what i started with.

Norwegian Word Definition Prints

word posters

With my Norwegian heritage, growing up ive always had favourite words which I love how they look graphically, sound or for their untranslatable meanings. I started designing these to decorate my own home and now I’m sharing my love of Norway and all things Norwegian with this collection of prints.

Kjærlighet – The Norwegian version ‘love’. The most accurate translation would be ‘dearness’, but it is rather the concept of love than the emotion itself.

Koselig – it’s a feeling of cosiness, intimacy, warmth, happiness, being content and getting together in a snug, delightful and comfortable environment.

Nydelig – It means more than just beautiful; it means lovely, sweet, cute, adorable, loveable, charming, delicious and pretty too.

Forelsket – It’s a Norwegian word for the state of being in love

Uffda – It’s an expressive word used for ‘ouch’, ‘oops’ or ‘oh no!’

– Scandinavian inspired design –

  • read my blog post about why i created these…

view Makes gallery……


Thumb Print Posters


My hand drawn beautiful gift and keepsake for baby showers, parties, weddings and anniversaries. There a unique alternative guest book, each guest can leave their finger print to create the (bunch of balloons, leaves, flowers or stars) using an ink pad in your favourite colour and sign their name.

Something different, it’s an easy and fun way to get all your guest involved in leaving their print, a unique way to capture those there that day and a lovely sentimental frame to display in your home after your special day.

All are hand drawn and can be personalised with a name, message or date and come in various sizes for all occasions.

My penguin and lion animal balloon prints are new this year, especially designed for featuring in “Made By Kent” shop in Staplehurst and have proved very popular. I do take commissions for other versions and throughout the year i have and will continue to develop event specific versions, like my mothers day flower wreath and teachers leaf trees for the end of term. read my blog post about my Thumb print designs



Recent Work

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If you have a project or idea that you think i might be able to help with please drop me a message and i can get in touch

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