At that time of year

Being a working mother at Christmas is not always easy…

Its sometimes a hard balance to strike between running a small business (especially at that time of year) and being a mother, and often its a constant juggling act to ensure I have that life balance. I do like being busy and theres always something on the list of things i need or would like to do, but at Christmas time these all get put on hold whilst I’m in full swing for fairs (read about my scandi market fair) and etsy shop set ups in time for the busy period. But i also don’t want to be all work and no play and know I can have some creative fun with my daughter and share some special moments sharing my love of art, design and handmade with her, even at the young age of  2 and half.

Its cold and wet outside and my daughter is already getting in the festive spirit with Olafs Adventure on repeat, but having heard his phrase “its that time of year” it made me realise that there is a point where we all seem to shift a gear up and become Christmas obsessed, well this is true in our house hold and todays task is handmade Christmas cards!

card making

This has become a bit of a tradition for my daughter and each year i look for a fun way to make hand or foot prints into cool designs for Christmas cards which double up as tree decorations. This year with the mass production of my julenisse it only seemed fitting that we make julenisses with ‘hand’ beards, button nose and tall red hats. The beauty of these is no two are alike and I pre cut all the sections out for her with double sided sticky tape then she is able to assembly almost unaided. Of course everyone loved them and her little face was so proud when she told everyone how she made them, better getting thinking for next year!

norway at christmas

November was a busy month this year and after a great first Scandi Market Fair {read more..}   i took a well deserved mini break and although we didn’t make it out for summer we did manage to get out for a few days to visit family in Norway in early Decemeber. Its been over 20 years since I visited so close to Christmas, when there actually deep snow, so it was so nice to share this with my daughter also for her first winter visit but fourth visit to Norway. It was also a good chance to stock up on those ingredients which I cannot source in the UK and buy alot of Norwegian ribbon for all of my packaging for next year, preperation is key to keep costs down as delivery is very expensive. We of course sampled lots of new but traditional treats, wrote a letter to Santa and visited a Christmas market at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, all before a long play and snow building session in the fluffy snow. I also took every opportunity to gathered lots more ideas and options for new things to create for next Christmas, all with that signature Norwegian twist…

ella gingerbread dress

After a manic couple of months and knowing at times i haven’t quite got the balance of work and play quite right all the time and having a very understand husband and daughter who without I wouldn’t have managed to achieve so much, i treat my daughter to a handmade fancy dress this year, fully customised gingerbread dress with giant buttons and wiggly ribbon, sometimes its so worth staying up late to fit these small things in just to see the smiles and know that all I can do try to be the best mother all of the time and know ill be forgive on the occasion I sometimes work too much. No one said being a mother was easy nor would being a business owner but to all the women (and men) out there doing just that, credit goes out to you as we are the masters of multi-tasking!!!

Special Thank You to my Husband and daughter and massive thank you’s to my family and friends for always supporting me and believing in me when I forget too xx


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