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Thumb Print Posters

I am always looking for ways to add a personal touch to any event and like many of the things i end up designing, the original request is a personal one. Weather i have an event to attend and want to take a gift or i simply want something for my own home.

There was a couple of years in a row where i was attending a baby shower almost every weekend and thought it would be nice to create something which was a bit different but unique to each event. We all love messy ink stamps as children and often as adults this art isn’t done anymore but secretly theres a fascination with leaving impressions. I had created a huge ‘family tree’ thumb print tree for my wedding several years before so that all our guest could ‘leaf’ their fingerprints as a permanent reminder of them being there on our special day and it was a big hit with everyone as there input make it truly unique.

So i went about developing something similar for smaller events, like baby showers and i used my own baby shower and daughter as my inspiration. Often i find the more personal something is to me the more ideas that flow. I created a ‘guess the sex and date’ poster for my own shower which was great fun and is still (3 years on) displayed in my daughters room. Now a fully fledge “three-anger” she has her likes and dislikes and a character which has been with her since we found out she needed open heart surgery at 11 months is ‘mr penguin’. He was a familiar friend for her whilst in hospital and this love has continued on her travels ever since, he has even featured on her first birthday cake, so technically he’s royalty.

penguin lovepenguin party

So the decision was made mr penguin would be my first animal to feature in my thumb print posters and obviously i wanted to tie this into my Norwegian-ness theme and its not a very well know fact, but a resident of Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, Nils Olav a king penguin was made an honorary member of the Norwegian King’s Guard in 1972 after being picked out as the guard’s mascot by lieutenant Nils Egelien. Over the years, he has been promoted through the ranks after being adopted by Royal Guard who visited the zoo. Nils Olav was finally given a knighthood, awarded during a visit by soldiers from the Norwegian King’s Guard on 15 August 2008. The name ‘Nils Olav’ and associated ranks have been passed down through three king penguins since 1972 – the current holder is Nils Olav III. A 4-foot-high (1.2 m) bronze statue of Nils Olav was presented to Edinburgh Zoo. The statue’s inscription includes references to both the King’s Guard and to the Military Tattoo. A statue also stands at the King’s Guard compound at Huseby, Oslo. On 22 August 2016 he was promoted to Brigadier in a ceremony attended by over 50 members of the King’s Guard.

So this was perfect for my story, you’ll see a theme running here if you have read some of my other posts, i like a story so that the items i design are not just items, but are a part of me ‘the maker’, a design which i have made personal. So out came the sketch books and scribbles started to form to how this little fellow could look and of course the final decision was made by my daughter…

penguin drawing

Its really grown from here to a more designs and i now often get commissions for specific animals or events, there are no limitations really and i love drawing them. Although i have a rough template originally hand drawn by me i still hand draw each poster print and add the detail in which makes each one slightly different, i think this is the beauty of hand drawn.

mothers day thmbprint

I have since created other variations for special occasions, mothers day saw a new flower wreath design to make your own wall art for that special lady and school leavers saw the introduction of two new designs for that special teacher, which are both for the whole class and individual pupils.

thumbprint commissions

My hand drawn beautiful gift and keepsake for baby showers, parties, weddings and anniversaries are available from ‘Made by Kent’ in Staplehurst, Kent and i hope to have these on my etsy shop soon.

These are a unique alternative guest book, each guest can leave their finger print to create the (bunch of balloons, leaves or stars) using an ink pad in your favourite colour and sign their name. A lovely sentimental frame to display in your home after your special occasion.

All are hand drawn and can be personalised with a name, message or date and come in various sizes for all occasions.

Recent Work

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