Time to Experiment

Time seems to be all we have at the moment, yet the days are long and when you have little ones minds to entertain, constantly trying to come up with new interesting things can be challenging. Why not try some of these tried and tested easy projects using house hold items that we’ve enjoyed doing and thought you might too!


My children love bath bombs but as the lockdown continues getting these has become harder so using just three household ingredients you can create these fun soaps for bath time fun, wibbly, jiggly, quick and encourages bubble making for washing.

**Get an adult to help with the hot water and take care when mixing**

What you’ll need:

  • 2/3 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 Cup body wash soap/ shower gel
  • 1 packet of gelatine
  • flexible ice tray or silicone mould

Step 1: completely dissolve the gelatine in a jug with the boiling water

step 2: add the shower gel and mix well

Step 3: pour mixture carefully into ice tray moulds and chill to set just like jelly

They are just like jelly in that you need to keep them chilled before use and remain chilled until you use them, they dissolve quicker in a hot bath but the wibbly wobbly soaps are lots of fun. We used a passionfruit and mango shower gel which smelt amazing and helped ration them on how much they used! We used some old chocolate moulds but ice cube trays would would just as well and flexible ones might be easier getting the jelly soaps out once set.

I spy in a bottle

Original created for my daughter this has been my one year olds favourite thing to sit with us and do, ive switched things in and out to keep it interesting but time after time he comes back to it and sits for long periods just hunting for things he knows are in there. We play i spy where he has to hunt for an item and some items like the teapot we sing ‘im a little teapot’ and he does the actions, endless fun and its transportable, for car journeys (when we can do them).

** take care with small items and ensure lid is firm secure to avoid any items getting out, supervision at all time with small children**

what you’ll need:

  • Plastic bottle (with as wider neck as possible)
  • small colourful items
  • filler: Rice, pellets or dry sand would all work

Step 1: clean and completely dry bottle

Step 2: fill your bottle with small fun items we added in small toys, buttons, clips, beads, bells and dolls house items

Step 3: fill up bottle with enough filler to hide some items but ensure theres still enough space when you shake the bottle to reveal other items, if its too full you’ll not be able to see things!

Step 4: screw the lid on tightly and seal with tape, shake around to mix it up and happy “I spy”


The world around us is full of life but often in the plant world this all starts below the soil and takes a long time before we see anything happen. Plants need just water and sunlight to get started and I remember doing this glass/jar experiment when I was little, seeing really is the best way of learning and within just a few days things will start to grow, and watching it get taller makes my daughter very excited to check each morning.

What you’ll need:

  • glass jar (we used a pint glass)
  • cotton wool balls
  • beans
  • water

Step 1: fill your jar with cotton wool balls

Step 2: place a bean either side of the jar, i used brood beans but butter beans work just as well too!

Step 3: water the cotton wool until damp but not too wet and place the jar by a window.

Step 4: watch them grow!!

This one has continued to feed their little minds; we talk about what plants need to grow, about how it absorbs the water, what the leaves are for and discuss the cycle of growth, its now been transferred to soil and moved out side and were keen to see what happens next…

Enjoy craft time, enjoy the moments, enjoy the learning!!

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