Flowery Crafts

Pressed Flower Wings

Spring has sprung and its so nice to see flashes of colour back in the garden. The days are warmer and were all spending more time in the garden. Homeschooling is challenging most days but crafts and activities always seem to help with the teaching and learning. Whilst searching for crafts to do with my daughter around the theme of ‘spring’ I found lots of wonderful projects using pressed flowers and thought these would be great to do to help learn more about spring. So we thought we’d share some tried and tested projects.

Pressed flowers were something I enjoyed doing as a child but I always remember the pressing part taking a too long, so when I saw this amazing blog post (@blessnestlearning via woodlarkblog.com) for stunning flower fairy wings with a quick easy method for pressing, I couldn’t wait to do this project with my daughter as I knew she’d love it.

What you’ll need:

  • kitchen towel
  • microwave for drying flowers
  • a heavy dish like a casserole or plate – to act a a pressing weight
  • sticky back plastic
  • scissors
  • paper – for the template
  • ribbon, string, elastic – for wing straps
  • and lots of pretty flowers and weeds

Our neighbour is a lot more green fingered than myself so kindly donated some additional flowers to our scavenger hunt weed selection so we had a beautiful rainbow selection of flowers to create our wings from. Then the drying out and pressing part simply involves sandwiching the flowers between kitchen towels, placing a heavy object like a casserole dish on top and in 30 second intervals on full power heat the flowers. The smaller flowers will take very little time to dry out but some of the thicker ones may take several rounds. You may need to change the kitchen towel sheets if they absorb a lot of moisture and the sooner you press (from when there picked) the better their colours remain.

Now for fun part:

  1. Cut a paper template for your wings , ensure the template fits within the size of your sticky back plastic sheet size.
  2. Fix your template to a surface and lay your sticky back plastic over the top
  3. Peel back half of your wings are decorate to just within your template area, once your happy peel back the second half and copy your design so the wings look symmetrical. I got my daughter to decorate the first half and I matched up the second wing.
  4. Once your happy with your design seal the flowers with another sheet of sticky back plastic
  5. Push out any air bubbles and ensure the layers stick around all the flowers, then trim your flower sandwich to your template shape.

    @blessnestlearning via woodlarkblog.com has step by step photos for additional help!

You can just fix ribbon or elastics to create bands for wearing, we used some drift wood (from a previous beach hunt) to fix our ribbon to. Then watch the sheer joy as they bounce around with the flower wings floating behind them, they look so delicate and the colour is preserved amazingly!

Flower Sun Catcher Frames

With walks being something we look forward to more than ever at the moment, we try and ensure there is a purpose to our walks, usually linked to an activity or craft so that the adventure last beyond the actual walk. Flower and leaf collecting at this time of year is easy and using a bunch of thank you flowers i also received we were able to collect a rainbow of colourful flowers for this project. Most flowers will work but we found ones with thicker sections take a lot longer to press and dry like dandelions, but daisies, buttercups and forget-me-knots are perfect!

I used the same technique for pressing and drying the flowers as I did in the flower wings project above and although this part can take a little but of time, its well worth it. I often did the drying over the course of the day when I was in the kitchen, id do a few at a time, but don’t leave it too long after picking them as they will turn brown and lose their lovely colour.

What you’ll need:

  • kitchen towel
  • microwave for drying flowers
  • a heavy dish like a casserole or plate – to act a a pressing weight
  • sticky back plastic
  • scissors
  • paper – for the template
  • Card – for frames
  • double sided
  • and lots of pretty flowers and weeds
  1. Once you have all your flowers dried, its the fun part cut sticky back plastic to rectangles and peel back half of the film (the other half is for sealing the flowers like a sandwich) arrange your flowers how ever you like but ensure there is a small boarder left free of flowers so that you can seal and frame them.
  2. once your happy with your design, peel the other half of the rectangle sticky back plastic and fold over the top of your artwork to seal the flowers, press down to remove any gaps of bubbles.
  3. finally all you need to do is frame them, we used white card cut to a square and circle frame which was stuck over the top to finish them off, if displaying as a hanging mobile you can frame both sides too.

We blue tacked ours to the window but you can easily attache string to them to create hanging versions. They will look stunning no matter the weather, my daughter gifted some of hers to her grandparents via the post to share some joy at this difficult time and to brighten their day, flowers which won’t fade, encapsulated to enjoy long past spring.

Frozen Flower Eggs

So simple but so beautiful and a great sensory play for all ages! We saw this idea from my daughters godmother who had done these with her daughter and they looked amazing so im spreading the crafting joy and re-sharing.

With walks now being something we make the most off, flower collecting (weeds, we leave the real flowers for everyone to enjoy) has become something my daughter loves to do as we learn about spring and how things grow, but what to do with all these flowers, what better way than to freeze them and preserve there shape and colour for them to look at more closely for a longer time.

What you’ll need:

  • egg shells
  • water
  • and lots of pretty flowers and weeds
  1. Next time your using some eggs gentle break them through a small hole at the top and wash out ready for filling with some fresh flowers.
  2. Once you’ve added your flowers inside the egg shell, fill the remaining egg space with water and put them in the freezer and wait…..
  3. Be amazed as you peel your frozen eggs to reveal the frozen flowers suspended in ice, cold, beautiful and fascinating.

My one year son also enjoyed playing with these frozen flower eggs and it was amazing seeing what extra detail my daughter could see and what additional question arose from doing this craft. The best part these can be refrozen to repeat the exploring for another day, they get too cold to hold for long period so pop them back in after a bit of play as they melt quickly in children’s hot hands.


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