Trending Summer Bakes

The drip cake and naked cake Phenomenon hit the scene in a big way in 2015 and has continued to grow with popularity ever since and is right on trend this summer with the decoration possibilities being endless.

I love making colourful ombre buttercream cakes with chocolate drippings, there so versatile, fun and no two are ever identical, it’s easy to see why everyone loves them. Drip Cakes work for almost any event so if your looking for an elegant wedding cake, fabulous baby shower cake, or crazy showstopper party cake drip cakes could be the way forward!

This summer has been hot with record temperatures being hit, i have been flooded with orders for these tending bakes so I thought I would share some of my designs as well as some key tips ive picked up along the way especially in these testing conditions!

Instagram and Pintrest are filled with stunning drip cake creations but whichever style you choose, anyone that has ever tried decorating a drip cake probably understands its not as straight forward as you may first think. The headache that usually comes along with it to ensure the sides are smooth so the glaze or chocolate runs down smoothly, that the drip mixture isn’t too runny, and it slides right off the sides and you end don’t up with massive puddles on your cake boarder and that your drips mixture isn’t too thick look natural and actually drip down the sides. A lot of these potential hiccups come with trial and error and you just pick up ways to help avoid some issue, but not all can be resolved as any heatwave will play havoc with any cake making and decorating, so below i share some of my top tipsc!!

Here are some variations ive loved creating this summer, so have fun experimenting and let your imagination go wild!!

Chocolatey Drip:
Chocolate, flowers, and cake whats more perfect for any celebration, the possibilities for designs are endless! From romantic, whimsical masterpiece to bold chocolate overloaded tops with a contracting or subtle drip, what more could you want!


not all drip cakes need to have a contracting drip sometimes the more subtle colours add a touch of elegance to the finish, especially if the colour palette is a pale pastel colour. Gold has been big this year too with requests for my glitter toppers to finish it off.


Colour burst:
Have an elegant floral arrangement in mind for your cake? Incorporate the drip trend or semi naked cake with different shades of the same colour or completely contracting shade for that pop! fresh flowers additions will always bring a cake to life!


Hello, colour-fusion! theres something quite satisfying about creating an ombre effect as the base for your drip cake, when the colours blend it just looks so beautiful, but be warned put your butter icing on thicker as you’ll find it much harder to fill in any low points with the correct colour blend if they occur.


Texture Mix & Match:
Why not try mixing trends, tiered cakes give you scoop to have both a drip cake with different textures on the bottom tiers, it can be a really nice way to tie tiers together as well.




Always Chill your cake – Weather your wanting a smooth buttercream finish or a more rustic naked cake look, a great start to a perfect drippy cake is a good base.  A smooth cake finish is essential, having a buttercream spreader the full height of your cake will help create this finish even if its a naked cake you can crumb coat or frost just the top section so you have a workable smooth base. Once you have the smooth finish a cold cake not only creates a seamless finish for the glaze to drip down, but the chilled cake helps control the drips from sliding all the way down the cake, it helps the drip mixture set quicker so you can control you drip lengths better.

Pick your ‘drip’ mixture wisely – This might sound obvious, but not all yummy things which you think will be great ‘dripper’ actually are, pick a suitable glaze some maybe too runny like honey and some too thick and end up blobby.  Things which work really well are chocolate ganache, melted chocolate glaze, caramel sauce (although sometimes this can be a little harder to control and doesn’t set hard), and a slightly runny royal icing glaze which is easily coloured.

Be patience – Drip cakes take time to make and creating the perfect glazes and sauces often involve some heat.  You need to allow the glaze to cool a bit before dripping on your cake as it will only melt the buttercream, so have another task to do whilst you wait, eat some cake offcuts or lick the icing bowl? Consistency is just as important as temperature, you want a glaze that is thick yet still fluid. You can test the consistency by seeing how slowly it drips off a spoon, it shouldn’t not run or plop but remember on your chilled cake it will slow even quicker so can be a little runnier. Try a few practice drips on the actual cake before you go mad on doing the entire cake, this will soon tell you if you have the correct balance and you can adjust dripping mixture accordingly.

Work from the outside in – I start by working with my drip mixture in an icing bag (about a 2-3mm opening, no nozzle required) and doing only a few drips at a time around the edge of my cake helps control how much glaze i start with, you can always add more but its harder to remove if too much. Also i find using a turntable or lazy susan helps keep the cake movable when you have a icing bag full of a liquidly mixture.  You can use a spoon to encourage more mixture to join the drip flow as required, but often i think you find your own little ways to control the drips and design of the cake, there are no rules and it complete depends on the style of drip you want.

Finishing – Once you have perfected the drips lengths and how many drip you have its time to finish the centre. At this point, the mixture sometimes cools or thickens up (but remember weather conditions and how long you have had it in your hands, warming it up) can effect this, so re-check the consistency. Less is defiantly more, be careful not to just pour the remaining dripping mix on your cake, you don’t want too much spilling over the edges and ruining your gorgeous drips. To help I often use a small spatula to gently even it out and a little “jiggling” of the cake can help too, but be careful the drip mixture isn’t still too runny as you’ll make a mess of all your hard work!

Im sure these trending bakes will continue to grow in popularity and be a firm favourite for all types of events, i know ill be creating some of my own for family functions, so have fun and be creative!!!!

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