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It can often be very overwhelming when you first start looking in to all the things you need for your “big day”. I have brides-to-be get in contact who know what they like and exactly what they don’t like! However, with so much information out there, it can often be difficult to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. It’s at this stage that I can provide support to brides-to-be.

If you’re planning your big day, I have listed below the starting points for discussions in order to get the ball rolling.

 Your wedding theme

It has become fashionable to have a theme for your “big day”, but there are no rules so don’t worry if you don’t have one. It could be a style you like, an artist, your favorite food or drink, a meaningful trip you have taken together or simply a colour. Having a theme helps narrow down what things you like and more importantly things you don’t (yes it’s good to know what you’re not looking for!)

I offer a specialist bespoke service so no two wedding stationery sets are ever the same. Each set is tailored specifically to you and your special day.

Your wedding colours

You may not think you have wedding colours but even the flowers you’re having on your day can help form your wedding palette. Your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s outfits also provide colours for you to take cues from. As a starting point, I would always consider classical white or ivory to form the base upon which you add your own colour combinations. When it comes to stationery sent out beforehand, some people like to give clues to their big day, using their colour theme, and some like it to remain a surprise.


Your Stationery Budget

Typically, it is recommended 3-4% of your wedding budget should be allocated to wedding stationery, which includes your invitations as well as all the day items like Order of Service, Table Plan, Table numbers, menus etc. Although all my invitations are bespoke designs, bespoke doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many factors which can contribute to cost. I can work with you and help provide practical advice and tailor design/print options so that we can create your perfect stationery whilst also keeping within your budget.

Wedding venue & Location

As part of discussions, I always ask brides-to-be to consider how their stationery will work within their venue. For example, some venues may have coloured carpet or curtains which are fixed and cannot be changed. I therefore ask brides-to-be to try and visualize their day stationery and how it works within their chosen venue.

There are also certain themes which make great pairing with their venues. A rustic look for stationery works well for a barn wedding and a vintage style works really nicely for an outdoor or marquee wedding. As part of the process, I also ask brides-to-be to think about checking with their wedding venue as to whether any wedding stationery items are provided within their package. Occasionally, venues will provide items such as menus which can save the expense of ordering your own. If this is the case, this will need to be considered in the context of all the other items you’d like to produce for the day.

Your Husband-to-be

Would he like to be involved in your colour scheme or theme of your wedding day? Often it’s a really nice way to include both your likes and loves, although its not for everyone.

Your Instinct

When discussing wedding planning, I always remind brides-to-be that sometimes you just need to trust your gut. You need to love your wedding stationery and as everything I do is designed just for you we will find and make sure you are 100% happy.


Wish list

I always explore with brides-to be what items they need for their big day. Whilst it sounds rather straight-forward, it is sometimes very easy to forget what else you may need. Even the more simple pieces of stationery may need some additional thought; wedding invitations may include additions such as directions to the venue, menu options, RSVPs and a gift-wish-lists. I offer lots of additional extras which you may like for your special day such as:

Wedding Stationery / on the day

  • Day Invitations
  • Evening Invitations
  • Order of service/ order of day
  • Menus
  • Place settings
  • Table plan
  • Table name /numbers

Little Special Extras:

  • Fingerprint tree
  • Gift tags (for favours)
  • Instagram signs/ posters
  • MR&MRS quiz cards
  • Newly wed advice cards

When do you want to post your invitations?

This is the date that you have been looking forward to, letting all your family and friends see a small snippet of what your big day will be like, and there. iss nothing more exciting than starting to receive your little RSVP’s back. As part of the process, you will need to think about how far in advance you’d like to send out your invitations and when you need RSVP by. Some venues will need confirmed numbers or meal options by a certain number of weeks in advance. I normally recommend sending out invitations 12 weeks before your wedding date as a good starting point. However, this is entirely dependent on the venue and couple’s needs.

How many Invitations will I need?

Its always good to have a rough head count, often you’ll do this when selecting a venue, so that we can use your budget to ensure you have enough invitations plus a few spare.

Selecting who will make your invitations?

There is a massive array of wedding stationery designs on the market and all companies offer slightly different things. If you are looking for a special and bespoke service, this is where I will be able to help. Sometimes, there is a misconception that such a service is more expensive but this is not always the case. It’s so important that you choose a stationery design which you love and not one you simply settle for. If you are interested in such a service, why not get in touch to discuss your thoughts and ideas for your big day. I always am able to provide quotations before confirming orders so you will always know the cost up-front when making your decision.


Recent Work

Check out my recent wedding makes and bakes and handmade gifts in my galleries…

You can also see what ive been up to in my recent blog posts


We hope this has helped and we are always happy to put together a quote or
answer any queries or questions you may have. Please do get in touch.

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