Harlee Finucane

Another Dippy CupCake sensation! I have already had the privilege of one of Dippy Cup Cake’s Creations for my Dad’s 60th Birthday in the style of the golf course.

On this occasion I was honoured to be given a ‘Leaving Cake’ from my work colleagues, in the style of an American Burger and Fries with ‘Harlee Davidson’ theme.
Everything was custom made from the box the fries were in to the ‘Harlee Davidson’ logos on the realistic look alike ‘Harley Davidson’ greese proof paper!

At first glance I had thought my colleagues had arrived to give me a Cheese Burger and Fries while meeting at the local watering hole. Which I must admit I thought at the time was a bit odd! To be met with a puzzled look from the Landlord! But it was in fact a Dippy CupCake creation!

Thanks to Helen (chief baker and designer) for yet again another original idea and CupCake creation!